Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Learning Language/ June 27, 2008

Today our presentor is Mrs. Elechia Miles. She is very expressive, involved, and on task. She called me by name several times to help me stay on task when she was teaching and modeling concepts related to the activstudio. I was always trying to complete the task before going on to the next task that she taught. I'm slow on learning about the computer, but I'm learning in increments , and I'm enjoying it tremendously. Mrs. Miles did an activity with us which allowed us to get acquainted with her and each other. We worked in groups. I can use this activity in class with my students. She taught us new things about the activstudio which expanded our knowledge. She and Mrs. Mercer have done a great job this past week. I will strive to put into practice the information that I have learned about the activstudio. It is a great tool for teaching students in this age of technology. It will capture their attention and contribute to their overall knowledge. It meets the needs of the visual, kinestic, and auditory learner. I sincerely enjoyed this session. It makes me eager to learn more and more about the activstudio program.

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